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Are you a lover of poems or a poem writer? Do you also feel the gap that exists in this market, especially in the digital space?

Mary R. Pierce has come through for us to ensure you have all you need when it comes to poetry matters.

Anvil Press Poetry is a one-stop online platform for poems and poetic articles. Write from our posts to the poems, you will have a touch of poetic language to disseminate information.

The blog accommodates both the novices and experts in the industry such that you can write a poem within minutes, and it communicates to the target audience.


The founder

Mary R. Pierce takes pride in decades of experience in writing poetry for different publishing houses.

If you have never come across any of her poems in the digital streets, you have no writing experience and reciting poems.

Government-owned publishing houses appreciate her works, which explains why you can’t miss one or two or many of her poems in the school curriculum in junior and senior high schools.

Her selfless heart in the linguistic industry has seen her appreciate other works of other poetic leaders who use the same or different stylistic devices to send a point home.

In this blog, you’ll not only access an unlimited number of poems, but we also go a step further to give you guides and tips in poetry.

This is an entertainment industry; we can’t go wrong with a little “good gossip. I guess you want to know more about your favorite poet.

Some of the areas we cover include lifestyle, backgrounds, achievements, and weaknesses.

All these are not just for gossip or to sell our blog but also to guide what to expect as a beginner in poetry.

our Statement

Our mission

This blog aims to ensure you have all it takes to start you off in the poetry business.

We look forward to improving your language skills through our poems, thanks to our famous writers’ useful posts.

We go a step further in content development in this area of interest.

What you want to know as far as the poem is concerned is found at Anvil Press Poetry.

Our vision

We want to see many visionary leaders embracing the art of poetry in their literary works.

Once we have the political leaders on board, it’s easy to have our grievances and challenges addressed with passion for future poets’ benefit.

Look forward to our new posts; you will have a lot to learn and emulate in your career as an upcoming poet or an expert.

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