Why use poems to express your feelings?

Cognitive function: Every poem comes with a set of new words, sentences, and meanings; at the end of the day, as a poet, your brain is always at work.

That’s how your mind becomes better and better in logic and reasoning.

Emotional healing: The best way to improve your mood and further enhance your health is to let go through writing.

The fact that you can hide the real meaning in words helps you to heal fast from emotional pain.

Love and affection: Old generation understands the power of poems in showing love and affection to people they adore.

A poem from a loved one is enough to boost your mood despite the prevailing situation.

Education: Everyone in the world of academia have someone they look upon for encouragement and motivation.

As a renowned poet, you hold several unseen hands that need you to soldier on to help them make that step to reach your level.

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